I have a super soft soft for color changing lipsticks so when I noticed Kiko Ph Lip Enhancer ($14) pop up with the Summer 2.0 Collection I was all, “Oh I need that in my life!” I know, I know, how much pH Lipstick does one girl need in her life! But who can resist?

Here’s thoughts and review on Kiko’s Ph Lip Enhancer!

You know, I must sound like a broken record but allow me to say once more how impressive Kiko’s packaging is. Their pH Lip Enhancer comes in a gorgeous light rose gold (or light pink beige if you will) barrel with a ridge design that’s simply stunning. It’s a lipstick worthy of your vanity. It’s just a stunning packaging!

This formula is pretty basic and quite nice if you want a very light, sheer wash of color on your lips that won’t turn into a hot bubblegum pink shade. The bright orange-y translucent shade applies as a sheer rosy pink on my lips. Many pH lipsticks end up turning neon pink on my lips but this enhances my own natural lip color without overpowering it with bright pink. The color was super easy to wear and natural looking.

The texture is very dense at first pass! So dense in fact that it tugged during application! But no worries, it warms up after a few strokes and the “harder shell” disappears after a single use to reveal a much softer formula. I find the texture lightly hydrating with a light balmy consistency that hugs lips nicely. I find the color lasts for about three hours. For sensitive users, I didn’t notice a flavor but there is a subtle scent which is sort of sweet but I can’t quite identify exactly what it is.

If you like a quick splash of sheer, natural color on your lips you should get on well with Kiko pH Lip Enhancer.

Grab it now at kikocosmetics.com (use promo code TAXDAY to get Free Shipping on any $15 order).

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