Miranda Lambert cried during a recent performance of a song she wrote with her ex-husband, Blake Shelton.

As rumors swirl regarding her possible pregnancy, Miranda Lambert had been deemed “hormonal” and “emotionally unstable” due to her July 29 performance at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, Illinois.

“[Miranda Lambert] was amazing. But emotionally unstable. Crying the whole show,” an onlooker told Us Weekly magazine on July 30.

According to a second report, via Extra TV, Miranda Lambert was having a bad night and feeling “hormonal” as she sang “Over You,” which she wrote with her ex-husband in 2011 about his brother, who died in a car crash in 1990.


“You went away, how dare you? I miss you. They say I’ll be OK, but I’m not going to ever get over you,” Miranda Lambert sang on the track.

Miranda Lambert and her ex-husband parted ways in July 2015 after four years of marriage and, months later, she went public with her new romance with Anderson East, who she’s been dating for about eight months.

Since confirming their romance in January of this year, weeks after reports of their relationship first surfaced, Miranda Lambert and Anderson East have kept the details of their romance private and have only shared a few photos of one another on social media.

Although Miranda Lambert and Anderson East aren’t as open with their relationship as her ex-husband, Shelton, and his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, they did enjoy one red carpet appearance together earlier this year at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As Miranda Lambert’s romance with Anderson East continues, the couple has been plagued with numerous reports of a pregnancy, the latest of which claims Lambert is getting the “ultimate revenge” on her former partner.

“There are whispers that [Miranda Lambert] is pregnant with boyfriend Anderson East’s baby,” a source told Life & Style magazine last week, according to a report by Hollywood Life. “If she starts a family with another man, it would have to make Blake’s blood boil. His greatest wish was to have a baby with Miranda during their relationship. But now it’s Anderson by her side, and Miranda is thriving like never before. For Miranda, it’s the ultimate revenge at last.”

“They’ve got so much in common,” the insider said. “[Miranda Lambert] is sure Anderson will make a great dad.”

The report went on to claim Miranda Lambert has “outdone her ex and his new love when it comes to romance, career, fans and, in the biggest bombshell of all, baby news.”

Meanwhile, “as Anderson and Miranda happily prepare to welcome a child, and dream of having a little boy,” Shelton and Stefani are “frustrated” that she has not yet been able to get pregnant herself.

In response to the story, a source spoke out, denying the 32-year-old singer is with child.

While Miranda Lambert and boyfriend Anderson East may not be having a baby quite yet, they appear to be going quite strong, and despite Miranda Lambert’s busy schedule (she is currently in the midst of her solo tour and her opening act duties with Kenny Chesney), they recently enjoyed a sweet moment with one another for East’s birthday.

Miranda Lambert’s Revenge Baby With Anderson East — She’ll Show Blake Shelton

One year after Blake Shelton totally blindsided Miranda Lambert with divorce papers, it seems like Miranda may finally be getting her ultimate revenge — a baby! A new report claims that yes, Miranda is pregnant with BF Anderson East’s child, and she cannot WAIT for Blake to feel the pain!

Miranda Lambert, 32, has suffered quite a lot of heartache in the past year, but it seems like she’s finally getting her sweet, sweet revenge with ex-husband Blake Shelton, 40. Not only has Mirandafound a new love in rhythm-and-blues musician Anderson East, 28, but, according to a new report, the country singer is also expecting her first baby!

Miranda Lambert Sang Gwen Stefani’s Song At Karaoke Before Blake Shelton Divorce — Awkward

“There are whispers that Miranda is pregnant with boyfriend Anderson East’s baby,” a Life & Styleinsider revealed to the magazine. “If she starts a family with another man, it would have to make Blake’s blood boil. His greatest wish was to have a baby with Miranda during their relationship. But now it’s Anderson by her side, and Miranda is thriving like never before.”

Talk about the best revenge, right? But while only time will tell if Miranda is actually pregnant, we have to say, a baby WOULD probably be the very best way to get back at Blake since he divorced her. After all, the report also claims Blake and his new girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, 46, whom he started dating almost immediately after breaking up with Miranda, are hoping to have a baby of their own together.

Anderson East: See Pics Of Miranda’s Sexy New Man


“[Gwen], is very much trying to get pregnant,” a second source told the mag, “and has been consulting doctors while she’s on her tour to make that happen.” But at 46 years old, it’s not super likely that she’ll be able to conceive again. And the icing on Miranda’s revenge cake? Her and Anderson’s relationship is reportedly a whole lot more stable than Blake and Gwen’s.

“Everything is more complicated for [Blake and Gwen],” noted the insider. While Anderson and Miranda truly seem to be two peas in a pod. “Blake and Gwen seem to be struggling on so many fronts. It really is sweet revenge.” Even better, Miranda and Anderson are allegedly MORE than thrilled about becoming parents. “They’ve got so much in common,” the insider dished. “…Miranda is sure Anderson will make a great dad.” Aw!

Do you really think Miranda’s pregnant? If not, do you hope she and Anderson have a baby soon?